Peregrine City Noir

Going to the Circus

Sam, Kelly, and Arty end up at the Eclipse nightclub, unknowingly sitting at Jack's table. Jack and Dominica have a completely civil conversation, in which they offer to hire the party. They tell them of The Freak, and that for the first time they have his location.

The party heads to the old abandoned circus, where they are approached by the strange man as they step out of the car. He makes curt conversation and turns to walk away, waving a hand dismissively. This angers Arty, who sends Victor after him. A brief scuffle ensues, where he apparently displays similar powers to Mr. Bojangles.

Arty threatens the Freak with torture, but it is laughed off. Instead of giving information, the small man bites off his own tongue, laughing as he sprays blood in Arty's face and the life drains from him.

To get the answers that Arty wanted about his past, Sam performs a seance. They sort through the memories that are dredged up, where they find several things: Dominica was a lion tamer at the circus and knew the Freak from years back, and he apparently possesses the power to duplicate the powers of others.

The team reruns the head of the Freak to Jack and Dominica, and force them to spill the beans on her past with the Freak. She confirms she met him when working as a carnie, and he offered her power. She claims she left that life and never looked back.


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