The Freak


Short, buggy-eyed, and with a slimy voice. He dresses in well tailored but tattered suits and shiny shoes. Covered in scars along the lines of his dismemberment.


Years ago he came to Peregrine City, to visit its circus. He offered strange and unnatural powers to its performers, and extracted strange prices from them.
During the war, he tracked down a covert ops agent called Riverwalker, and apparently copied his magical ability to animate earth before killing him.
Upon his return he gathered a few new abilities, including Sam’s musical powers. He was apprehended by the party and interrogated. Rather than give answers to Arty’s desperate questions he bit off his own tongue and sprayed Arty’s face with his bloody laughter. He died drowning in his own blood.
At Kelly’s mansion, he shows up right as rain.

The Freak

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