Peregrine City Noir

The Vigilantes Meet
Looks like we're all looking for the same looker

Each in their own way the various characters break into the penthouse hideout of Jack Wilde (aka Diamond Jack, Jack of Diamonds, Aces over Jacks, etc.). While he isn't present they argue over who exactly is trespassing and who needs a warrant to be there. In the meantime Guy and Kelly (in the form of a large orange cat) investigate the bedroom, where the find the scene of a bloody struggle and the bodies of two men killed with thrown cards. Unlike other such cards found by the party, these are Tarot cards instead of the standard 52 card deck.

Behind some apparent and unexplained water damage to the wall, they find a safe sealed in the plaster with no apparent access. Inside are museum blueprints, photos of jewelery, and tickets to a charity gala.

Jack returns to the building, and there's a brief scuffle. Kelly reveals herself, and is badly injured. Sam works his magic to heal her while Joao and Guy pursue. Jack escapes, and the party reconvenes in his room to discuss their next move.


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