Jack Wilde

Card throwing hired killer with a cowboy affectation


Rugged, scarred, and dressed to kill. While on a hit, he dons a black cowboy hat and covers his lower face with a dark bandanna.
Much like a genuine cowboy, he dresses in a suit for formal occasions, and in fact is in the suit more often than he goes full cowpoke.


A hired killer whose weapon of choice is bladed playing cards. He’s been in and out of various Peregrine City penitentiaries, mostly out, for years. His occupation has afforded him a comfortable lifestyle, frequenting the high-end bars and clubs of the city. His recent work has landed him quite the safehouse: a high-rise flat that is to covert hideouts as a Rolls Royce is to automobiles.
Aliases known to the party: Diamond Jack, Jack of Diamonds, Aces over Jacks

“I’ve killed a lot of people in my time, I remember the face of every one.”

Jack Wilde

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